Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Vaccine Doubters is Trimedia Camp??

its seems like Trimedia employees are taking a great deal of interest in this website, I am seeing lots of activity during the day and some nice spikes when peolple get in from work.
it also seems like lots of people are checking the videos and links out ,(I can see click through traffic)
interestingly not much trafic from google searches, most appear to be generated from direct trafic and webmail referals.
this is typical of links sent home by email and passed on.

I do hope you are evaluating the evidence for yourselves and you families we really don't want nay more members in our "club".
Most of the information you will find will come in useful in deciding to have the FLU jab (thermirasol content, the testing of the vaccine children, the arrangements for compensation in the cases of adverse reactions (or not))

please carry on passing the links on, and as you have now looked at the sites you are now "antivaccine nutjobs"

todays link don't click here ;-)

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