Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Pearson PLC publishers of a rough guide to childhood deseases visit!

thank you for visiting this blog , I'm really disgusted with the rough guide book that you have published for the measles roadshow campaign.
I see that you have spent a great deal of time looking at this site in detail.

I always thought that rough guide books gave an honest view and I can't imagine that one of your travel books would advise a visiting a county knowing that some readers would be killed or injured.
Your twisted view that vaccination is absolutely safe may just make this happen to a child pushed into vaccination despite a known underlying medical issue.
all medical procedures have an associated risk and this needs to be made clear in your book.

at the very least it should have links to the "yellow card" website and information to where readers can get the package inserts for the vaccines to be given to there children.

On a friendlier note I think you should publish a rough guide to autism, Dummies already have a autism and an adhd offering, (which are okay but not upto date)
with autism now at 1 in 62 in the UK (1 in 40) boys there is quite a market and we do need more books with practical advise on day to day living, diet ,education, medical treatment and getting support.
please take this on board we need your help.

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