Thursday, 20 August 2009

Have TriMedia Given up on Failed MMR Roadshow stunt?

Seems like this campaign was destined to fail from the outset, the trailer was damaged on one its first outings and in hindsight perhaps this was a sign from a power greater that Professor David Salisbury to give up now.
After roughing up some mums of dead and damaged children the crew set to work handing the booklet (by Kaz Cooke ,rough guide to childhood diseases) that portrays vaccination as a completely safe procedure and brands any organisation or person legitimately calling for more safety as Nutty and Worse...
Of course the Swine Flu HOAX and widespread and growing opinion from within the medical profession that swine flu vaccines will be poorly tested and potentualy damaging, further highlight the foolishness of throwing money at a badly conceived PR campaign .
the local press are NOT promoting the measles roadshow , perhaps they have realised what a toxic mess this is or perhaps trimedia have gone into damage limitation mode. thrown away the misleading booklet and muzzled its "experts"
My advise, respray the trailer ready for the HPV campaign next year, that?s if we are not all DEAD from swine flu.

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