Monday, 17 August 2009

Allison Edwards Comments about the Measles Road show PR Disaster

From the Jabs Website

It's the name-calling of parents of dead or damaged children after vaccines as "nutty anti-vaccinators" I find so abhorrent. (As printed in their booklet referred to at the end of this piece).

Departments booking this sort of PR should be investigated for mis-use of our hard earned taxes, creating propaganda to be used AGAINST US for their own ends. They have ganged up, and come down hard on ordinary people....just because they have witnessed their own child's sudden and catastrophic downturn after MMR. A jab that was given to their child in trust and good faith.

No departmental reputation is worth more than another persons life - (haven't we seen enough with Baby P - but on this topic it seems THE overriding factor is to protect reputations and backs before the publics' health AND in particular, children. No serious examination into these claims has ever been undertaken, only PR produced to counter it, paid for out of the public purse and backed up by those with vested interests in the conclusion. Studies that don't even include children with regressive autism and bowel disease and constantly cited. And the autism numbers keep on going up and up, nothing changes, no explanation, because MMR is the only option and that doesn't change, the simplest thing for them to do is deny the link. This sort of planning has been going on by professionals for years.

Now, on this latest stunt they've cleverly kept all reference to MMR away from our eyes on the outside of the roadshow lorry, t-shirts and brochures, it's not about 3 diseases, this campaign is about one, MEASLES, yet the NHS do NOT offer single vaccines.

Nowhere in their booklet, THE ROUGH GUIDE to Childhood Illnesses, do they list a place parents can go if they suspect something has adverse has occurred, not even a mention of the goverment's own, Vaccine Damage Payment Unit, or indeed, JABS.

ALL of the national press media are quite happy to repeatedly come here to JABS for some sensible information and balanced quotes from Jackie Fletcher, a mum who has first-hand experience of vaccine damage and offers an alternative view to the one-type-fits-all blanket immunisation coverage sported by the DoH.

Simple fact, new, or short-term tested, or multiple vaccines ARE a risk to the patient because ALL DRUGS HAVE SIDE-EFFECTS. Why are they missing this point out? - Well because they probably wish to eradicate all mention of adverse reactions, as well as measles, pushing the ideal that vaccines are safe safe safe....foolhardy in the extreme if the swine flu vaccine kills or damages....and a lopsided view. No doubt the PR machine will kick in then too. What hope do parents have for a fair deal? None! AS INDIVIDUALS WE DON'T HAVE THE KIND OF MONEY TO PAY FOR A SERIOUS CHALLENGE TO THEIR CLAIMS AND THEY KNOW IT.

Seen as a threat, those who speak up and report adverse reactions are to be ridiculed, and insulted. I have seen comments like "no wonder their children are like they are" (meaning autism) on a website promoted in their booklet. Yet they take a great deal of time and effort to lampoon websites who WILL listen to the cries of parents who see it as their public duty to inform others and deter them from repeating a pattern..,it's only natural.

Respect for the government, civil service and businesses alike that supply inadequately tested drugs in a hurry to drive profits upward using PR predictions, have caused public confidence to sink to an all-time low. Is it any wonder, following hot on the heels of the MP's expenses scandal that parents are voting with their feet and no longer trust or believe a single word they tell us?

THE ROUGH GUIDE to Childhood Illnesses by Kaz Cooke
Published by Rough Guides Ltd (July 2009), 80 Strand, London WC2R 0RL.
ISBN 978-1-8436530-8 (135798642)
The Department of Health supported the publication of this book but the individual views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect official policies. (MMMMmmmm?)

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